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About This Web Site.
The first version of this web site appeared as a one page section of the original "planefacts" web site in late 1997. During 1998 a photo section and more detail was added.  1999 saw the addition of pages covering local inns and services.  In April 2000 the site was redesigned and separated from the "planefacts" series of web sites and became www.bangor-on-dee.co.uk.  Following several updates the site was moved to a commercial web server in May 2002.  Subsequently various changes and updates were made.  By the end of 2003 it was apparent that the site was looking somewhat dated, it was decided to create a completely new look and to add more sections. Work on this commenced in early spring of 2004 and by mid September the new site was complete.  In September 2009 the author of the site was involved in a life changing RTC, the main priority was to make as full a recovery as is possible, the web site was left very much on the back burner, but as the many visits to the site indicated that there was a demand for the information it contains the author provides it on an as is basis.  
Site Statistics.
The site comprises of 354 files contained within 155 folders.  The total combined file size is 7.56MB.  There are a total of 8,038 links throughout the site.  An average of 1,420 people visit the site each month.  The most popular search engine used to find items on this site is Google, the uk (http://www.google.co.uk/search) version being the most commonly one used.  Each month the site attracts visits from people in 30 to 40 different countries Worldwide.
Future Development of The Site.
As further information becomes available, it is hoped to add more sections.  A Welsh version of the site would be desirable, unfortunately it is not something I am capable of achieving on my own, should anyone be interested in translating the content of the site into Welsh I would be pleased to hear from them.
Do You Have Anything Useful to Add?
I would welcome old or recent photographs, articles of interest concerning the village and it's history and anything that might be of interest.  Any contribution would be credited to the author as would be the copyright of any images.
Advertise Your Event.
Advertising for any local event is provided entirely free of charge, simply contact me via the contact link or call me on Bangor-on-Dee 638.
Get Involved.

Help in checking the site for errors is always welcome.  In the longer term if the site is to continue growing it would be helpful if one or more people would like to become involved in creating sections or in helping with maintaining sections the site.

Richard H Huelin.
September 2004/2017

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