Bangor-on-Dee, is set in glorious countryside.  The village is located in a natural hollow, alongside the River Dee.  Bangor Isycoed is sheltered against the winds from all directions, to the North is the plateau on which the town of Wrexham is situated, to the south the landscape rises up to the village of Overton-on-Dee.  Winds from the West are moderated by the presence of the Berwyn Range of mountains, and from the East by the Bickerton hill's.
DERIVATION of BANGOR.  Many British settlements were known as Bangor, to which was affixed the name of their founders.  Bardsey is referred to as Bangor Cadvan yn Enlli, Glastonbury as Bangor Wydrin, and Bangor Is-y-Coed as Bangor Illtyd. Since "Ban" means "place" and "gor" means "choir" it is safe to assume that the word "Bangor" means "the place of the choir".
To the Romans it was Bovinium and the Saxons called it Bancornaburg.  It is also known as Bangor-Is-y-Coed or "Bangor below the wood" on account of its situation near well wooded country.  The living is designated Bangor Monachorum, probably on account of its historical associations.

When the Cambrian Railway opened a branch line from Wrexham to Ellesmere, they called the station Bangor-on-Dee, a name favoured by those who disliked the Welsh Is-y-Coed.

Considering the Beauty of the surrounding Countryside and the undoubted charm of the village of Bangor-on-Dee, few tourists appear to have discovered its merits.  Within a radius of less then twenty miles there are a Wealth of Historic Sites, far to numerous to list individually.  As a well situated base to explore the Wonders of North Wales the village has the advantage of being central to all the attractions it is surrounded by, and none of the disadvantages of some better known sites.  The village is situated within a "stones-throw" of the main A525 Road, but as this is the by-pass, the village suffers none of the disadvantages of a high volume of traffic, and there are no Parking problems.
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