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Extracts From Old Newspapers and Parish Records.
First published by the Bangor-on-Dee Local History Society 1987-89
From The Parish Registers:
1769 David Jones married KEREN HAPPACK Clarke, her most unusual name, which is Hebrew, means BLACK EYEBROW PENCIL.
Bangor Parish Council 16th December, 1918
A circular was read with reference to the war memorials.  The Rev. Paterson Morgan, proposed that the Council should only promise to support the funds which were devoted to the prisoners of war fund and the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, and their families only, which were seconded by Councillor Job. L. Lea and carried unanimously.
Bangor Parish Council 15th April, 1921
A Parish Council Meeting was held in the School Room, Bangor, on Friday, 15th April, 1921 at 7.0'clock, when the following members were present: C. J. Mort, S.E. Owen, J.C. Mort, J.E. Foster, J. Spoor and the Clerk.  The clerk next read over a circular, together with three letters containing a memorandum of suggestions for local organisations with regard to preservation and classification of Local War Records.
A lengthy discussion took place on the subject, all the members were of the opinion that it would be impossible for them to give War Records, that the only person who would be able to give an account would be the Rev. R. J. Patterson Morgan who had most of that work upon his hands during the war.  Now that he had left the Parish the only possible thing to be done, would be to apply to him, on the matter.
It was proposed by Councillor J. Mort, and seconded by Councillor E. Owen, that the Clerk should get into communication with the Rev. R. J. Patterson Morgan, Rector, and to ascertain his views on the subject. - Carried.
Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday, January 3rd, 1925.  Page 10

Bangor-Is-Y-Coed - Flood
Bangor was visited by a big flood on Sunday, rendering the roads impassable, and flooded the meadows for miles. Several motors were held up and extricated with much difficulty.  No losses of cattle have been reported.

Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday, January 17th, 1925. Page 10
Presbyterian Sunday School
By the kindness of Mr and Mrs. Wilfred Jones, Orchard Farm, the officers, teachers and scholars of the above School enjoyed an excellent treat on Friday last.  Tea was provided at 6 o'clock to which all the members of the (except those who were absent through illness) sat down.  After tea a pleasant hour was spent in games, etc. and each child received a bag of sweet meats given by Master William Jones and little Miss Florence May.  The friends who assisted were Mrs. Davies of Sunny Bank, Mrs. Roger, Mr. & Mrs. Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Matthews, Miss. Williams and Miss. Davies.  A vote of thanks was proposed to Mr. & Mrs. Jones and carried with enthusiasm.
Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday, January 31st, 1925. Page 10
Early nesting: There is a Nest at Bryn Hovah containing eggs.
Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday April 18th, 1925
Bangor-Is -Y-Coed
Angling: Angling for Salmon in the River Dee. Have enjoyed excellent sport since the opening of the season. Sir Henry Robertson landed seven salmon one of which however was a Kelt.  Smaller catches have been made. The heaviest catches have been captured by ladies.  Mrs. Payne of Penynant, Ruabon, fishing with rod and line, landed a salmon scaling 37 and a half pounds, and the other big catch of a 30lb salmon, was made with a net at Chester.
Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday, April 25th, 1925
Wrexham: Race Horse Destroyed.
The veteran hunter "Pastures New" owned by Mr. Thelwell which dead heated in the first race at Bangor-on-Dee last Friday, broke down and had to be destroyed on Saturday.
Wrexham Advertiser - Saturday, October, 17th, 1925
Remarkable Fruit.
On Saturday there were gathered from a PITMASTEN DUCHESSE tree in Mr. Williams' garden at Bryn Hovah, twelve pears weighing 12lbs 3ozs, two of which were on one stem, tilting the scales at 11lb 5ozs and 11lb 3ozs.
Whitchurch Herald - September 27th, 1902
The Rifle Club.
The first shot in connection with the newly formed Rifle Club, was fired by Mrs. Ormrod of Pickhill Hall, at the Graig Range, Bangor-Is-Y-Coed on Saturday.  Upwards of fifty members of the club then took part in the competition.
Whitchurch Herald - November 29th, 1902
14th Annual Dairy Show at Whitchurch .
Cheese Class 1. V.H.C. T. Blake, Jnr. Cloy Farm.
Butter Class 10. (2) Mrs. Price Williams. Bryn Hovah.
Whitchurch Herald - August 6th 1904
Dedication of a Clock at Bangor-Is-Y-Coed.
The Venerable Archdeacon Wynne Jones on Wednesday dedicated a new clock and chimes have been placed in the tower of the Parish Church at Bangor-Is-Coed.  The ceremony was to have been performed by the Bishop of St. Aseph, but his Lordship was detained at the House of Lords.
Messrs. Joyce and Son of Whitchurch supplied the clock, the cost of which has been defrayed by public subscription, and which replaces a former clock.
The surpliced clergy taking part in the service were the Rector (the Rev. M. Elmington Bisset) and the Revs. A.G.M. Jennings (Isycoed), Cannon Griffith Jones (Marchweil), C. R. Pembridge (Rector -elect of Worthenbury) Elliot Simpson (Overton), G. E. Browne (Bangor-Is-Y-Coed)
Bangor-Is-Y-Coed - Kenric Eyton Charity.
The collection was made in the Parish Church on Sunday 27 ult. in aid of the charity, which has suffered the loss of £15-12s-6d. through the inability of the Whitchurch and Marchweil Turnpike Trust to pay off in full the bond still remaining on the roads.  The Rector appealed to the liberality of the parishioners in forcible terms to make up the deficiency and the collection amounted to £7.  The amount, supplemented by a small balance recently paid by the Overton Savings Bank, will make up the final to nearly £10, leaving a deficiency of £5 on the original legacy of Kendric Eyton.
Bangor Drowning Fatality.
Arthur Daveson age 22, Clerk of Hull, drowned in the church pool, 20th July.
Serious accident: On Saturday a man named Wilks, a relief porter from Oswestry, who was engaged on the platform, fell between the engine and the platform just as the engine was moving away.  The train was promptly pulled up and Wilks was extricated and conveyed by train to Wrexham Station.  Mr. Johnson, the Stationmaster, then had him taken to the Infirmary, where it was found that he had sustained two scalp wounds, fractured finger and had been badly shaken.
After the Snow - Floods.
The village of Bangor, Near Wrexham, has for some days been surrounded by water, and several big losses have been reported.  One farmer Mr. Fred Fernall, of Pickhill, has lost Eighty Four Sheep, and other farmers have suffered heavily, the utmost difficulty being experienced in safely housing stock.  New Year's festivities were postponed owing to the local hostelries being flooded.  Mr. Herbert Heasman, a Wrexham brewer and Miss. Dolly Lloyd, daughter of Mr. Frank Lloyd, the well known auctioneer, were capsized whilst surveying the flood in an improvised boat, but with the exception of a severe drenching they met with no further mishap. The River Dee is still rising.
Coronation Festivities on Friday 4th July.
Tenders wanted at once, for supplying 150 adults with a knife and fork tea. Also tea for about 150 children. Tender to include tent and everything necessary -
Mr. Henry Jones,
Althrey Lodge,
Bangor-Is -Y-Coed.
To Bandmasters.
Tenders required for supplying Brass Band of about 12 to 15 performers, for Coronation Festivities, from about 12. 30. to 10. 0. p.m. on Friday, 4th July.
Write to
Mr. Henry Jones,
Althrey Lodge,
Bangor-Is -Y-Coed.
Owners of Roundabouts & Co. please write.
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