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Bangor-on-Dee Presbyterian Church Bangor-Is-Y-Coed.
First published by the Bangor-on-Dee Local History Society 1989

The story of a Church can probably be ranked as the real life story of a neighbourhood.  In it they find their greatest Joys, and it is there that they go in their deepest sorrows.

The Church at Bangor-Is-Y-Coed had its humble origin in a room over the shop belonging to Mr. William Davies in 1867.  The room was fitted with benches, reading desk and lamps and could seat 80-100 people.  A service was held every Sunday with no denominational allegiance
Then several Calvinistic Methodists came to live in the neighbourhood and Mr. Davies offered the room to them in 1867, rent free, to hold services until they could build a chapel.  Among them were Mr. William Dicken of Porthygan and Mr. Robert Evans of Halghton Mill who were ordained Deacons in the Presbytery on November 2nd 1870.  Dr. Lewis Edwards of Bala had preached there in 1868 to encourage the new cause.
The Church was built later on a plot of land sold for £50 by Mr. Davies.  The building cost was £500 - £600.
The Foundation Service commenced with the hymn “Jesus shall reign where’re the sun’, the Rev. E.J. Jerman read the 87th Psalm and engaged in prayer.  Mr. Evans of Halghton Mill then came forward to present the trowel to Mr. Roberts, of Abergele who laid the Foundation Stone and then declared it duly laid.  His address to the assembly followed during which he referred to the time as a Chapel Building Age for all denominations. It pleased him to know that the Church was to be Gothic in style very similar to that at Abergele.  Addresses were given by Rev. J. H. Symond Rev. Ebenezer Powell of Holt and Charles Pugh, Esq., J.P.  The best thanks of the meeting having been conveyed to Mr. Roberts for his presence and service, the proceedings were brought to a close with the singing of the Doxology.
Tea was then served in two large tents in an adjoining field.  This was followed by a concert given by singers from Rhostyllen and further addresses by Revs. F. Powell, E. Jerman and T. Phennah.
The Church was officially opened for Public Worship on Good Friday, April 15th 1870.
The building was registered as a place of worship in September 1911 and registered for Marriages on September 21st 1911 at a cost of 2/6d and £3 respectively.
The Presbytery for Lancashire arid Cheshire recommended that £50 per annum be made available to Bangor as soon as they could meet with a suitable person as Pastor.  In the meantime Dr. Lewis Edwards of Bala sent the Rev. Thomas Davies to care for the small congregation until a Pastor was chosen.
In accordance with the Grouping Committee Salem and Eyton were joined with Bowling Bank and Bangor in the charge of Rev. R. Phennah from May 11th 1887.
Christ said “where two or three are gathered together there am I in the midst”.
A small group of worshipers founded the Church and down the years other devoted members have lovingly cared for their inheritance ensuring that local Presbyterians today continue to have their own special place of worship.
The Following Ministers served the Church over the years.
Rev. Richard Jones
1870 - 1875
Rev. W. Williams
1879 - 1881
Rev. Robert Phannah
1882 - 1887
Rev. E. Morgan Rees
1887 - 1994
Rev. W. Morgan Williams
1904 - 1906
Rev. Philip O. Williams
1908 - 1916
Rev. David Manuel
1917 -
Rev. I. Harris
1924 - 1925
Rev. E. V. Pierce
1927 - 1934
Rev. W. E. Davies
1934 - 1940
E. D. Notman
1941 - ?
C. H. Nicholas
1959 - ?
I. Couch
1977 - 1978
Rev. R. H. Kendrick
1979 - 1982
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