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All text and images throughout this site are copyright. Personal use, such as for desk top wallpaper and school or college projects (with the exception of web sites) is permitted.  Any other use including posting to Usenet, chat groups and forums is prohibited.  Should you wish to use any image for a purpose which is not covered by the above please contact me stating the purpose it is required for.  As all images on this site are optimised for the web, they are unsuitable for certain uses, a request for their use will if granted ensure that the image you receive will be in the appropriate format and size for the purpose it is required for.

Bandwidth Theft! WARNING!

Bandwidth theft will not be tolerated.  Using any image from this site by the means of "HOTLINKING" is theft. Bandwidth theft is illegal and is also contrary to the TOS/AUP of all responsible service providers.  While it might not be apparent, such abuse always shows up in the statistics for this web site.  Discovery of such abuse will result in the full weight of the law will be brought to bare.

Note:  For those who do not understand the term: "bandwidth theft" or the meaning of "hotlinking" entering any of the relevent phrases in any decent search engine such as Google which will provide links to further useful information.

Please note:  All images on this web site are copyright, please see above for more information.
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