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Extracts From Bangor-on-Dee School Log Book.
First published by the Bangor-on-Dee Local History Society 1992.
1886 - May 14th. Rain commenced and continued until Friday night.  A large flood covered all the roads and foot traveling was impossible consequently no school opened for the rest of the week. Louisa Johnson took charge of the infants.  L. Thomas completed her apprenticeship. 
1886 - May 28th. The Rector gave a scripture lesson on Tuesday morning and the Curate on Friday morning 9.30 - 10.0.am.  The numbers are very low owing to heavy rain. 
1886 - June 7th. Received the report of H.M. Inspectorate on the exam held on April 30th 1886.  It is as follows:-
This school has done highly commendable work.  It is essential that the room should be put in a thorough state of repair (with new roof and heightened wall) or that a new one (the preferred alternative) should be built.
Miss. Davies continues in charge of school.
Miss. Davies now taking the sewing, Louisa Thomas completed her apprenticeship on March 31st and left.  Louisa Johnson appointed in her place.
1886 - June 11th. Louisa Johnson reproved for coming late to school.
1886 - July 2nd. Louisa Johnson had a supply of school books provided from school funds for her use. Commenced work with her after school hours.
1886 - July 16th.  Mary ---- (mother of William and Richard) kept her two boys at home because she owed school pence, she gives constant trouble to get pence from her although she receives regular wages.
1886 - July 29th.  Many girls are absent picking fruit.
1886 - Sept. 24th.  Attendance very fair.  Attendance Official visited on Tuesday and visited a few irregulars.
Received new desks.
1886 - Oct. 8th. Large fair at Wrexham on Thursday. Smaller attendance that day.  The Curate passed through the room several times during the 20th to repair the harmonium in the classroom. The Rector visited on Friday morning and heard lower classes reading individually. 
1886 - Oct. 30th. Susannah Jones and Eliza Marllen object to sewing school material.  This will be for the managers to decide. 
1886 - Nov. 5th. Commenced the Children's Clothing Fund for another year.
1886 - Nov. 12th. Standard VII Two girls both absented themselves rather than submit to work on school garment for examination.
1886 - Dec. 10th. A very stormy week.  Much rain on Wednesday, floods on all roads.  On Thursday no school on that account. 
1887 - Jan. 7th.  Did not open school on Wednesday as the snow was falling fast and none but a few village children came.
1887 - Jan. 28th.  Susannah Jones put on to assist with infants at 1/- per week pay.
1887 - Feb. 18th.  One little girl who was at school last week died suddenly on Tuesday.
1887 - March11th. Revs. Shelfield and McGonagle visited on Tuesday afternoon and remained sometime looking over the children's needlework.  Mrs. Royes kindly offered to give a prize to each girl showing the best specimen work.
1887 - March 13th. No school as it was Bangor Steeplechases.
1887 - May 6th. L. Johnson and S. Jones the girls who assist in teaching left at 3.p.m on Wednesday afternoon to attend a confirmation class at the rectory.
1887 - May 13th. S. Jones very little help In teaching, does not speak well and so cannot keep the children's attention.
1887 - May 27th. Have been very strict with late scholars making them stay after 12a.m. the number of minutes they were late and write a portion of scripture they missed by being late.
1909 - Aug. 16th. Very stormy morning - only 88 scholars present.
1909 - Aug. 31st. A half days holiday was declared because all the scholars had been invited to Pickhill Hall for Tea.
1909 - Oct. 1st. School closed, for Mrs. Bissetts funeral.  Mrs. Bissett used to present handsome prizes to the neatest and cleanest scholars.
1909 - Nov. 23rd. Scarlet Fever epidemic - school closed for 6 weeks.
1910 - Jan. 10th. Miss. Gladys Roberts absent all day - Neuralgia.
1910 - Feb. 21st  Very stormy morning - roads closed.
1910 - Feb. 25. Most miserable morning - snow falling and roads in bad state, many absent only 51 turned up.
1910 - March 14th. New Teachers Desk arrived.
1910 - March 18th. to May 9th. School closed because of Scarlet Fever - all books and papers destroyed, building fumigated, and decorated.
1910 - May 15th. Owing to the death of our beloved sovereign King Edward VII all lessons were given on his life.
1910 - May 24th. School closed - Funeral of King Edward VII.
1910 - Aug. 25th. Children of the Presbyterian Sunday School went on the annual treat to New Brighton - not many left in school.
1910 - Sep. 5th. All the Blakes of Cloy are away with Scarlet Fever.
1910 - Oct. 19th. Half day holiday to welcome new Rector - Rev. Paterson Morgan.
1910 - Dec. 16th. River rising, roads flooded - children sent home early - all 34.
1910 - Dec. 22nd. School broke up for Christmas, they all sang - Flag of Britain, Village Blacksmith, Killarney and the National Anthem.
1911 - Jan. 13th. Two books were awarded, one to Ernest Shone for being the most manly boy in the school and to Mollie Wellboake for being the most womanly girl.
1911 - March 11th. School Library opened - expected to be very popular.
1911 - Aril 16th. Headmaster absent ill - Influenza and Tonsillitis - Miss I. W. Morris in charge.
1911 - June 5th.  School closed - it's Whit Monday 
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