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J. Johnson and Son Cane Company Bangor-on-Dee.
J. Johnson and Son Cane Company Bangor-on-Dee

A visit to Bangor-on-Dee is not complete without a visit to the J. Johnson and Son cane company.  It is truly a family business with four grandchildren now in the firm.  And with five great grandchildren, the oldest of whom is ten, another generation is sure to follow.

Great Grandfather James Johnson and his brother Charlie started the firm 120 years ago.  They were coracle fisherman on the River Dee. When the fishing was not good they turned their hands to cutting willows which they took home and made into baskets.

The business moved on apace when one of James's sons, also James turned adversity into advantage.  A serious arm injury in the First World War meant a period of physiotherapy in a Leeds hospital.  There for two years he learned to make every type of basket.

On his return to Bangor-on-Dee with his new wife, Mabel, they planted a willow bed a mile from the village.  And as the willows grew so did the business.  But even with their son, Cyril, they were unable to make enough baskets so they bought from other manufacturers in this country and abroad.

Cyril's widow, Jane and their five children and Cyril's long time companion Ken run the business in Bangor-on-Dee, and at markets around the area.  And with another generation about to emerge the future for caneware and basket making is secured by keeping it in the family.

For Further Information Telephone: 01978 780417
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