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Bangor-on-Dee Bridge - Bangor Is-y-coed Bridge - North Wales.
Bangor Bridge dates from about 1660, it is a five-arched stone bridge believed to have been built by Inigo Jones, it is believed to be of the same vintage as the bridge at Llanwtyst and Llangollen, which are both attributed to Inigo Jones. Bangor-on-Dee Bridge in Spring, looking downstream from the right bank.  Click to View Full Size Image
The description of the Bridge as recorded in 1910 by the royal Commission on Ancient Monuments reads, "It is very narrow the parapets being carried over the arches on each side so as to afford eight triangular shelters for foot passengers, and producing altogether a most pleasing effect".  No one could dispute that it is a very charming old bridge. South side of Bangor-on-Dee Bridge with the river Dee in flood viewed from near the War Memorial. Click to View Full Size
Early records show that over the years the bridge was repaired many times.  In 1757 an account for £117. 1s. 2d. for bridge repairs in the Maelor included the sum of £23. 16s. 0d. for repairs to Bangor Bridge, and £116. 0. 0. for strengthening the banks of the river Dee.  The main damage being caused by the frequent heavy flooding of the river.  Again in 1843 accounts showed that the bridge was again in need of repair, this time at a cost of £109. 3s. 10d. Bangor-on-Dee Bridge with the River Dee in flood looking North from the West bank. Click to View Full Size
Prior to the coming of the motor vehicle of course the main users of the bridge were horse-drawn vehicles, farm carts and pedestrians.  By the 1900's with the arrival of motor vehicles, further damage was caused to the bridge.  In spite of the introduction of traffic lights and weight restrictions, the bridge still suffered as a result of traffic using it. North side of Bangor-on-Dee Bridge with the River Dee in flood viewed looking West from near the Boat House situated near the Royal Oak Inn. Click to View Full Size
In 1970, a petition requesting a By-pass for Bangor-on-Dee was under way, and in 1978, a new Bridge and By-pass were completed, leaving the old bridge with traffic "one-way" only.  It is to be hoped that this together with recent repairs will allow the Bridge to survive for many more centuries. Bangor-on-Dee Bridge viewed from the South Click to View Full Size
Please note:  All images on this web site are copyright, please see copyright link for more information. Bangor-on-Dee Bridge with the River Dee in full flood with Rainbow in background. Click to View Full Size


Bangor-on-Dee Bridge Repairs. Click to View Full Size
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